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New Horizons Leadership Programme (NHLP-EU) is a Baltic-Nordic collaboration with European dimension which will take place in 2023-2024, led by Cirkus Syd (SE), Rigas Cirks (LV), and DYNAMO (DK).

The vision for NHLP-EU is to strengthen the position of the circus field in Europe by supporting future leaders to acquire and develop skills and competencies for strong leadership. NHLP-EU responds to a strong demand for the development of cultural managers, producers and artistic as well as executive directors as strong leaders and will bring together 10 visionary fellows and 10 experts as well as the wider open cultural field open to all, to engage in exchanges and events related to leadership.


The 10-month programme of events includes two national-level live forums, 10 digital online seminars, as well as 3-week transnational shadow experiences and peer learning through a purpose-built digital platform. The programme is open to emergent leaders in the circus sector, based in a Nordic, Baltic, or European country.



NHLP-EU is aimed at emerging leadership specialised in circus arts. The project brings together national level organisations across the Baltic, Nordic and European countries to invest in the future capacity, provide open access innovative and forward-thinking experiences for cultural operators and citizens, whilst connecting to learn, share best practices and be inspired.


NHLP puts emerging leadership and sustainability first by enabling dialogue, reflection and self-evaluation through a 10-month intensive programme of events including two national level live forums, 10 digital online seminars as well as 3 week-long transnational shadow experiences and peer learning through a purpose-built digital platform, with the goal of evaluating and developing a diversity of best practise thinking around the future of leadership in culture and circus arts in the coming years.


NHLP-EU is a project under the New Horizons strand of Cirkus Syd, also organizer of New Horizons Summit. Read more here. 

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