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About Marina

What do actors of a sustainable urban-nomadic circus of the future need in order to be acknowledged as part of the arts spectrum?

How can they be fully empowered to create for and with society? How can I envision, support and network in order to strengthen the infrastructure needed?

23. November 2020


I am hereby kindly inviting you to join me on my mobility experience throughout the upcoming weeks, as a participant in the New Horizon Leadership Programme 2020-2021 by BNCN.

29. November 2020


The following reflections will observe space within the circus community as part of the performing arts and how I am navigating a new circus network on my mental map. You are invited to join me in my reflections on circus spaces by spacing out into your own headspace.

8. December 2020


I kindly ask you to enter this space with me, without feeling the need to defend yourself or bound to act, but rather engage in reflecting on your power and privileges. How do you approach diverses perspectives on agency in contemporary circus and performing arts.? 

6. January 2021


In this article I will follow up on my mobility experience at CircusInfo Finland in my 3rd and final week, as part of the New Horizons Leadership Programme by Baltic Nordic Circus Network.

15. March 2021

collage by Marina Rieger 2021.jpg

Activism and art come together in many different settings and when I think of activism, I place it in the realm of revolution and transformation, where art can contribute as grass-root movement or counterculture. One way of seeing art in activism then is as reacting to reality, questioning the status quo, and taking action, such as intervention. 


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