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About Emma

Emma is a 23-year old year old naive, impatient, and enthusiastic circus artist hailing from Norway. She performs, creates and produces contemporary circus with the companies Acting for Climate and Oslo Nysirkus, and she has deep faith in naivety - the skill of dreaming big, and still believe in and go for your dreams. Norway has a long way to go when it comes to the development of contemporary circus, and the circus community is going through processes that other countries faced years ago. Emma is excited to learn from these processes, as she reflects on how her own practice can contribute to the developing of a strong, sustainable and just future of circus.

The Week to Applaud an


25. January 2021


I dedicate this post to all [artist/administrators] and visionaries out there. I see you. I applaud you - loudly. And I am incredibly grateful for the work you are doing. 


And I would like to nudge all fellow performers: remember to thank a producer, a venue manager or someone organising a festival. We are all part of the same cultural ecosystem, but you are usually the one who gets the roses and applause. 

18. June 2021


We are about to set sail for my third blog of the New Horizons Leadership Programme. I am searching for a new horizon, where a sustainable circus sector would be a fact of the present, not a dream in the future.

18. January 2021


As artists, how do we create bottom-up solutions, where we take the lead and create the infrastructure necessary for our artform to bloom? How can we balance being practising artists, and advocate for the development of circus in our region? Does one have to choose the one or the other? 


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