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Here are the podcasts created by the fellows under the NHLP Program


In the first episode, fellows Elise Missall (IE/DE), Gaia Vimercati (IT) and Sophie Zoletnik (HU) pick up the conversation launched in the Digital Event on the theme of Empathy. 

They discuss empathy as a resource for cultural managers to understand their teams and create safer work environments, as well as the drawbacks of empathy and setting healthy boundaries. 

Empathy is discussed in relation to hierarchy and different cultural settings that decision making in organisations, particularly in grassroots projects. Too, recent changes to work models bring up the topic of empathy in remote contexts and staying connected despite physical distance. 


The second episode is hosted by fellows Armas Lintusaari (FI), Hedda Liukkala (FI) and Jakob Jacobsson (SE/NL). The discussion addresses accessibility with respect to educational structures, as well as the potential risk of excluding some segrments of the audience, as circus becomes increasingly academic and treated from within as a prestige art form.

The fellows share individual methods and strategies they have applied in their own productions, to increase accessibility for the audience, and address the relationship with the presenters/venues as a nodal point in communicating a performance correctly and reaching out to a diverse audience.


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