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18. June 2021


We are about to set sail for my third blog of the New Horizons Leadership Programme. I am searching for a new horizon, where a sustainable circus sector would be a fact of the present, not a dream in the future.

Book recommendation: The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle


2021-07-18 (3).png

During my stay in Iceland I worked a lot on the mindfulness topic. I worked on it by trying to be more present and meditating every day. To go more in depth with the topic I took with me a book called “The Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle.

How to be a resilient person, leader and a company


2021-07-18 (1).png

“Resilience is the art of surviving” is something I think Eyrun said during my stay in Iceland. I agree with that and this blog post will be a small overview of what I see are the key factors of being resilient. It is based on four TED talks.

by Karmen Aasanurm

Conflicting Responsibilities and Values



When we take decisions, the first step is mapping who is impacted by the decision, and the magnitude of the impact.


Serafima blog 1.png

Serafima Kiseleva has been doing her NHLP mobility period in Upsala Circus, Russia. In her vlogs from the experience, Serafima shares her motivation for working with contemporary circus in Russia, vision for a fully developed art field in St. Petersburg and her points of curiosity when joining Upsala Circus.

by Serafima Kiseleva



There are many projects considering the publicity and public perception. For example, now Upsala circus is making “circus in town” project which is to bring Upsala back to the roots, to the streets of Saint-Petersburg, to catch an eye of a viewer, to touch hearts and to win people over. Let’s wish them luck and strength to continue spreading the circus word around. 


Screenshot 2021-06-07 at 11.17.43.png

My first day at Upsala circus I had a real life meeting with Vera where she explained to me the history of Upsala, how it used to work and how it is changing and working now. 

by Serafima Kiseleva

by Marita Sanzarevska


The life of Cirkör started at the same time when I began my life on this planet – 25 years ago in 1995. From a group of artists with an urging need to make their dreams come true to the point where Cirkus Cirkör is a driving force to expand contemporary circus in Sweden consisting from several departments including Arts/production department, Pedagogy department and Upper secondary school – they have walked many miles to be there and I imagine it has been a hell of a ride.


Responsibility and Delegation



The more time I spend thinking about it, the more I realize that this is a huge topic and I’ve only scratched the surface. I will keep exploring the topic responsibility and try to connect it to events that happen over the next couple of weeks.

by Erik Glas

The Meanwhile - Questions and Thoughts



What is more important, raising questions or answering them? Is keeping an international focus important (especially in these times)? What is inclusion for you?

How do you give and get feedback?

by Serafima Kiseleva

Serafima Kiseleva - An Introduction


Serafima blog 1.png

I am Sima! Read my quick introduction about my journey to circus and my motivation to join the NHLP Programme. 

by Serafima Kiseleva

Connecting, disconnecting, reconnecting. Notes from Rigas Cirks.



As I prepare for my travel to host organization Cirkus Cirkør, I reflect on my home organisation. New Horizons Leadership Programme - starting point and first stop: Rīgas cirks.

by Marita Sanzarevska

Thoughts about burnouts Part 2: Hot tips from hell


In my previous post, I spoke about burnouts and slippery slope that might take us there. I’m continuing here those thoughts with some tips and tricks that might help. Consider them all in your individual context, and listen to your mind and body, when deciding to apply them!

by Inna Hottunen

Thoughts about burnouts



I’m writing this because I am tired of burnouts. There are a million reasons leading to it, some that are personal, some that come from the nature of our sector, some from generational issues and so on. I am writing this because I believe we can shift the culture, a little by little.

by Inna Hottunen

Tools I use to be more focused in Iceland



One of my goals for this program was to get a better understanding of myself and how I make decisions; and through that find the values I have as a leader. (...)

by Karmen Aasanurm

An interview with Inna by Inna at Institut for X

by Inna Hottunen


This Inna Huttunen from Finland, currently in Aarhus, Denmark - at a wonderland called Institut for X! I arrived four days ago, and been chatting a lot with myself and my journal in quarantine, so let me welcome you to an interview between me and me:


Fare thee well, Copenhagen. 

Last week with AFUK



My last week in Copenhagen is finished and I'm extremely happy to share a quick round-up of all the amazing meetings I had and the very cool people I've met. I visited Teaterøen, Helsingør, gave a lecture in AFUK and met with notable names in the world of dance. 

by Nika Parkhomovskaya

Working at the frontiers of the circus world


Dynamo Festival 2019-2570.jpg

I’ve come to understand, when finding your role within the field it’s important to consider your position and how you relate to the existing surroundings. Where do you fit in the chain? What are your strengths and limitations? What can you do that nobody else can?

by Eyrún Ævarsdóttir

People and places. The second week with AFUK



A quick diary of my second week with AFUK, my trip to Roskilde and the pleasure of meeting some very interesting people from the dance and circus sector in Denmark. 

by Nika Parkhomovskaya

First week with AFUK



This is my first blog post for the programme. I take you briefly through my week of arrival to Copenhagen, the tricky part of travelling during Corona, and a nice visit to Odense, the town of HC Andersen and DYNAMO Workspace. 

by Nika Parkhomovskaya

The Week to Applaud an


25. January 2021


I dedicate this post to all [artist/administrators] and visionaries out there. I see you. I applaud you - loudly. And I am incredibly grateful for the work you are doing. 


And I would like to nudge all fellow performers: remember to thank a producer, a venue manager or someone organising a festival. We are all part of the same cultural ecosystem, but you are usually the one who gets the roses and applause. 

by Emma Langmoen

20. January 2021


The context of the COVID-19 virus spread has influenced a lot of decisions and, in my opinion, the crisis is the best time to see true leaders. Even though there were many interesting conversations, I would like to focus on two that stood out - with Lotta Vaulo (CircusInfo Finland Director) and with Jarkko Lehmus (Producer at Cirko).

by Janis Laucenieks


18. January 2021


As artists, how do we create bottom-up solutions, where we take the lead and create the infrastructure necessary for our artform to bloom? How can we balance being practising artists, and advocate for the development of circus in our region? Does one have to choose the one or the other? 

by Emma Langmoen

2. December 2021


The control of climate policy is in people's hands, and it is up to us to tighten it. For it seems natural that artists are the ones to talk about it since they are the ones that move ideas and people's hearts. Up to you to move your government decisions!

6. January 2021


In this article I will follow up on my mobility experience at CircusInfo Finland in my 3rd and final week, as part of the New Horizons Leadership Programme by Baltic Nordic Circus Network.

by Marina Rieger


8. December 2020


I kindly ask you to enter this space with me, without feeling the need to defend yourself or bound to act, but rather engage in reflecting on your power and privileges. How do you approach diverses perspectives on agency in contemporary circus and performing arts.? 

2. December 2020

moomin characters finland contemporary circus blog new horizons leadership programme baltic nordic circus

In my first blog, I'm looking at some main difference in the circus culture between Latvia and Finland, and make an overview of circus artists and companies in Finland. 

29. November 2020

TheGlobalGoals_Icons_Black_Goal_9_edited baltic nordic circus

The following reflections will observe space within the circus community as part of the performing arts and how I am navigating a new circus network on my mental map. You are invited to join me in my reflections on circus spaces by spacing out into your own headspace.


I am hereby kindly inviting you to join me on my mobility experience throughout the upcoming weeks, as a participant in the New Horizon Leadership Programme 2020-2021 by BNCN.

23. November 2020


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