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First week with AFUK

Nika Parkhomovskaya

My first 8 days in Copenhagen are over and now it’s time to move on. But before doing so I’d like to reflect on my first week here and recall the most important events so far.


7th of March. 02:00, Moscow Sheremetyevo airport. 

The guy at the check-in doesn’t let me into the plane because he isn’t sure that the New Horizons Leadership Programme is a good reason to cross borders. I try to prove the opposite and succeed in 30 min. Ouch, that wasn’t easy. But I stayed calm, strongly believed in what I was saying about NHLP and my necessity to be in CPH and it helped. He even wished me a pleasant journey and safe travel to Denmark in the end.


7th of March. 12:00, Copenhagen Kastrup airport. 

The woman at the passport control easily lets me in the country because “new leaders are important” and they should travel if they need to. Of course I’ve presented my recently taken upon arrival negative Covid-test and some papers from the Baltic Nordic Circus Network, but she didn’t even read them properly. And here and then I’ve understood that communication is first of all - and more than everything else - a question of trust.


7th-10th of March. Frederiksberg. 

I’m in quarantine, therefore we have to plan all my further activities with my host organization coordinator Anne Mette Norskov via messenger or in zoom. Meanwhile I‘m exploring the local scene, writing to theatre, dance and circus people who I know here to make appointments and ask for their advice. Everybody seems very friendly and happy to assist. I get a lot of support and am genuinely surprised by how helpful everybody is.  


11th of March. 09:30-15:00, Copenhagen, AFUK. 

Finally, after another negative test I’m going to visit my host organization which is Akademiet For Utæmmet Kreativitet. I get a very warm welcome (nevertheless it’s cold and rainy outside), get to know some of the people (mostly teachers and office workers because the students aren’t here today), have a wonderful guided tour through the whole building (wow, it’s huge!). I even get a lunch and an invitation to join the tent setup next week. And I’m so much looking forward to getting back: meet more people, attend the classes, conduct a public-talk of my own, observe and participate.

Published on: 16. March 2021

NHLP has been made possible with the support of Nordisk Kulturfond and Nordic culture Point, Nordic Council of Ministers, and Lund Municipality

12th of March. 12:30-20:00, Odense, Dynamo. 

I can’t believe it myself, but I’m going to Odense to  visit DYNAMO - a workspace for circus and performing arts, which is located in an old warehouse by the harbour. For a start I just walk around to explore the town, but then get to DYNAMO to watch Luuk Brantjes’s work in progress, meet Elena Stanciu, NHLP Digital Platform and Web Admin, and Emma Langmoen from the program. I get a guided tour from Ida, talk to Rune and others. Time flies and I’m almost late for my train back to Copenhagen. It’s so nice to be there, feel in the middle of a new circus making, communicate to people who understand you immediately despite the fact that you are coming from very different backgrounds and speak different languages.   


15th of March. 09:00. Frederiksberg. 

So excited about what's next. To be continued. Stay tuned my dear fellows.


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