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The Second week with AFUK

Nika Parkhomovskaya

Time is passing by and my other 7 days in Copenhagen are over. It’s sad because it looks like the countdown is starting, but still my second week here was full of joy, work and nice people.


15th of March. 13:30-15:00. Sydhavn. 

Wow, I’m going to meet Kitt Johnson, famous Danish choreographer and performer, in a way a living legend for me and many others who practise or teach contemporary dance. Kitt tells me about her postponed projects due to COVID-19 and speaks about one which was realised thanks to pandemic (live stream dance acts in different Copenhagen districts).

She mentions the Copenhagen Circus Arts Festival and how they postponed everything, including a very interesting educational program at AFUK, for March 2022, and says that I should definitely come back in a year. She and Sarah, who is the X-act producer, also invite me to come and see their famous Mellem Rum (immersive dance walk), which is gonna happen in 2022 at Roskilde SWOP festival. And of course I get some real Danish coffee and cookies before leaving, full of news and impressions.


17th of March. 10:00-14:30, Copenhagen, AFUK. 

Now, on my third time here, it feels like AFUK is a place to be and stay. I know by name most of the people I’m meeting and can guide you through the huge building without being lost (at least so I hope). After we confirmed with everyone involved our plans for the coming week - due to my carantine my first week here started on previous Thursday, so we decided to follow the same routine for the whole duration of my stay - I go to the juggling class. Gosh, I love it! It’s so cool to balance yourself and the “russian balls,” which however tend to fall down and run away all the time. But Jens, the joggling (among many other) teacher is patient and careful nevertheless there are plenty of other students all around. In an hour I have to run to our NHPL Empathy zoom-talk, but we agree that I’ll be back next week and also before that will give a “theory” class about contemporary Russian circus.


18th of March. 08:00-16:00, Roskilde. 

I had to wake up really early today, but it was worth it. I fell in love with Roskilde, a small town in 30 km West from Copenhagen, but even more with the regional theatre there and the wonderful people who run the Aaben Dans Company. Pernille, Lisbeth and Thomas made my day. They talked about their performances, contemporary dance for the young audience, work with non-professionals, festival SWOP and numerous residencies with such enthusiasm that I immediately felt that I need to come and see what they are doing in person.

They were passionate and patient, friendly and full of ideas about how we could collaborate in future. And finally they invited me to that very same performance which Kitt Johnson mentioned on Monday, so it all clicked together. Now the main thing is for COVID-19 to go away and the borders to open. Meanwhile, I used my chance and walked around the old town.


19th of March. 11:00-16:00, Copenhagen, AFUK. 

Another visit to Akademiet For Utæmmet Kreativitet, but this time I’m not only meeting the people I already know, but also Kirsten Del Campo, former leader of Ørkenfortet, performance designer and actress, who shares with me her memories of Russia (it looks like almost every Danish person I meet has been to Russia at least once and has something nice to tell me about that visit). Kirsten and Anne Mette tell me how the work Ørkenfortet is organized and how NGOs in general participate in social/ sport/ cuture life.

It’s very interesting to learn and I have many questions to ask because back in Russia I also work mainly with the third sector. We discuss our experiences and give each other some very important advice. And then - after some national Danish pastry, brought because of the “Russian guest”, - I attend the Friday meeting with students where we all share our good moments and make plans for the future. Now it feels like the weeek-end is finally coming.


22d of March. 09:00. Frederiksberg. 

So excited about what's next. To be continued. Stay tuned my dear fellows.

Published on: 23. March 2021

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