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Cirkus Syd is a platform to connect people, ideas and practises across borders and genres. We work in the cultural sphere using our expertise in contemporary circus arts, collaborate to inspire structural development and new opportunities. We are excited by innovation, entrepreneurship, DIY, DIT and artistic research and we champion culture as an agent for democratic participation. We are an international NGO based in Lund, Sweden, with a global membership base, and we invite collaborators, partners and stakeholders to create visionary and developmental projects bringing people together to explore transdisciplinary cultural practices in our society.

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Rigas Cirks (Lv)

Rigas Cirks is a multifunctional arts centre, that deliberately works towards offering relevant and current circus shows to wider audiences, as well as promotes development and availability of circus arts in Latvia and the Baltics.

The Rigas Cirks building was built in 1888 and can be considered one of the oldest circus-focused buildings in Europe. After series of events, Rigas Cirks was re-launched as a state-owned enterprise in 2017, introducing a new strategy for the prominent historic building as well as the institution itself. As of that moment it works in three strategic directions – offering circus shows, quality circus education (currently leisure education for kids and grown-ups) as well as international artist residency program.

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DYNAMO is a stage and a workspace for circus and performing arts located in the middle of Denmark at Odense city harbour. The old warehouse provides with its 1300 m2 space to house productions from national and international performers in a professional and creative environment: DYNAMO opened in January 2017. Dynamo facilitates the framework for artistic work in progress, development of ideas, residencies, and courses in master classes/open training. DYNAMO is a driving force for the development of the cultural life of Odense, primarily for circus and performing arts. DYNAMO is hosting and creating artistic activities as; a festival in August, guest performance, artist talks and work in progress. As a production house and cultural gathering place, DYNAMO wants to create sustainable conditions for performers and increase the quality of artistic production through mutual aid.

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