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Heading to marseille

Hedda Liukkala shares some initial thoughts, at the start of her shadowing experience in Marseille, with project expert Simon Carrara. Follow Hedda here and on instagram @heddspins.

My shadowing experience in Marseille starts today, and my Duolingo app is working overtime. Going to France to follow Simon Carrara around and to meet his coworkers is exciting and I have zero expectations and multiple hopes and dreams. 

My motivation to apply to NHLP-EU was to get deeper into the technical, backstage side of performing arts, and to collect a skillset that I could use to enable safer, more diverse and sustainable working environments. 

I go to Marseille while Archaos is whipping up the ENTRE2 BIAC 2024 and I expect to experience some chaos organizing (my favorite), management genius and superb circus festival atmosphere (oh hey looks like I have some expectations after all). 

I have all my pencils sharpened, mobile devices charged and I’m ready to take notes, ask questions and occasionally kindly ask people to speak slower because mon français est au niveau d'un enfant de 8 ans.



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