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NHLP-EU Fellows now selected!

The application and selection process of the NHLP-EU fellows has now ended and we are pleased to share the names of the successful candidates: Elise Missall (DE/IE), Sophie Zoletnik (HU), Jakob Jacobsson (SE/NL), Théo Dussauzet (FR), Hazel Lam (GB/BE), Majo Cázares Godoy (MX/BE), Gaia Vimercati (IT), Hedda Liukkala (FI), Armas Lintusaari (FI), Georgina Cassels (GB/HU)

The fellows were assessed based on their submitted application as well as a group interview. The threefold criteria for assessment focused on their individual professional background in circus, the capacity to show motivation and availability for the entirety of the programme, and the ability to present their goals for professional growth. All selected fellows showed excellent ability to articulate how they expect the NHLP-EU programme can grow their leadership qualities, as well as confidently engaged with the meaning of leadership in their practice and professional journey.

We wish the fellows a warm welcome to the programme, as we look ahead to the Kick-Off event for the programme on 7th and 8th September - hosted by the Southern Sweden Circus Festival in Lund. Here, the ten fellows will be matched with ten experts within the field of circus and will officially start their NHLP-EU leadership journey.



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