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NHLP-EU Kick-Off

NHLP-EU Kick-Off and Inspire Seminars at the launch of the Southern Sweden Circus Festival

7th & 8th September in Lund

We are extremely honoured to have the NHLP-EU Kick-Off hosted by the Southern Sweden Circus Festival (SSCF) during its launch in September 2023!

The NHLP-EU Kick-Off is the first cross-national event where all programme participants will meet. Fellows, experts, and programme partners will share two days of introductory sessions, networking events, happenings, and talks. The Kick-Off blends internal events, dedicated to programme participants, with seminars and performances in the SSCF programme that are open for all audiences.

We take this opportunity to proudly present the Inspire Seminars - a brand new concept designed in collaboration with SSCF. The aim of the seminars is to be a platform for alternative sharing of artistic research within circus.

For the three Inspire Seminars we’re excited to welcome Erik Åberg, for a talk about his research in the field of circus highlighting Ghostcube and other projects, Marie Andre Robitaille, for a lecture based on her doctoral research - Circus as Practices of Hope, and Media Evolution - for a talk on their method, Collaborative Foresight.

Read more about the seminars and sign up on the SSCF festival website.

Save the date and join us in Lund!



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