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The first fellow-expert shadowing experience has begun!

We’re very happy to announce that the very first shadowing experience in the project has begun!

Fellow Georgina Cassels is shadowing Maartje Bonarius, artistic director of Tall Tales Company, throughout November 2023.

The shadowing experience is a core element of the NHLP-EU project. It is a pairing of professionals who are meant to exchange insights, experience, and good practice, and inspire one another.

Here’s a quote from Georgina:My main focus for this shadow period and for the NHLP-EU on the whole is to observe and understand how a large scale, internationally recognised contemporary circus company and studio works and to get an insight into Maartje's role as Artistic Director and what that entails; as well, to better my leadership skills to enrich my own projects: @onethousandfaces & @budapestaerialmeeting.”

We’re wishing Georgina all the best on this trip, and invite you all to follow along, here on Instagram and on the project website, where all our fellows are publishing thoughts and takeaways from their participation.



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