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The Meanwhile Questions and Thoughts 

by Serafima Kiseleva

The meanwhile time is a time I had in this project when I did not have the experience of being in the hosting organization yet. I was not sure if my travelling was going to happen at all, but I had all those online moments in the talks and meetings the participating members organised. Here I would love to share some questions and ideas raised in the meanwhile and maybe comment on them a bit.


'Start with what you have and make it grow.' Sounds simple, but it is never that simple for me. I struggle concentrating on what I have in the moment and instead I'm usually easily drawn to the thoughts of what I have lost. So I am keeping the important thing in my mind as reminder: what you have and what you can is better than what you can't.


Do you have to be radical to create change? 


Turn competition into cooperation. It is really important for the growing circus community in every corner of the world. Find allies in each other, together we can do more .


Segregate your responsibilities. Invite people in to give away the ownership, share your leadership. Take care of your mental health. 


Starting something, raise a question- how does it benefit me? And how does my environment gain from it? 

As much as we do love learning and taking examples we are all different leaders so you can always find things in yourself, reach the inner resources.


What is more important -  raising questions or answering them? 


Is keeping an international focus important(especially in these times)?


What is inclusion for you?


How do you give and get feedback?


Many more questions could be here...

And remember this: you don't need to be at the end tomorrow. Take it slow, enjoy the meanwhile!

Published on 4.06.2021

NHLP has been made possible with the support of Nordisk Kulturfond and Nordic culture Point, Nordic Council of Ministers, and Lund Municipality



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