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About Serafima 

For as long as she can remember, Serafima's wish has been to help people. Discovering circus was like discovering a whole new universe which allowed her to be herself and also be helpful to others. Serafima sees NHLP as a new chance to improve and to gain important experience. Serafima’s goal has always been to help establish the circus community back home, in Russia, which is why NHLP is an important experience for her.

Host: Upsala Circus - Russia


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I am Sima! Read my quick introduction about my journey to circus and my motivation to join the NHLP Programme. 



What is more important, raising questions or answering them? Is keeping an international focus important (especially in these times)? What is inclusion for you?

How do you give and get feedback?


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My first day at Upsala circus I had a real life meeting with Vera where she explained to me the history of Upsala, how it used to work and how it is changing and working now. 



There are many projects considering the publicity and public perception. For example, now Upsala circus is making “circus in town” project which is to bring Upsala back to the roots, to the streets of Saint-Petersburg, to catch an eye of a viewer, to touch hearts and to win people over. Let’s wish them luck and strength to continue spreading the circus word around. 


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Serafima Kiseleva has been doing her NHLP mobility period in Upsala Circus, Russia. In her vlogs from the experience, Serafima shares her motivation for working with contemporary circus in Russia, vision for a fully developed art field in St. Petersburg and her points of curiosity when joining Upsala Circus.


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